Cell division protein FtsZ, C-terminal (IPR024757)

Short name: FtsZ_C

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The FtsZ family of proteins are involved in polymer formation. FtsZ is the polymer-forming protein of bacterial cell division. It is part of a ring in the middle of the dividing cell that is required for constriction of cell membrane and cell envelope to yield two daughter cells. FtsZ is a GTPase, like tubulin [PMID: 9628483]. FtsZ can polymerise into tubes, sheets, and rings in vitro and is ubiquitous in eubacteria and archaea [PMID: 9428770].

This entry represents a domain of FtsZ. In most FtsZ proteins is found in the C terminus, except in some alphaproteobacteria proteins where there is an extension C-terminal domain TIGR03483.

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