Conserved Site

Adenylate cyclase class-I, conserved site (IPR024686)

Short name: Adenylate_cyclase_1_CS


Adenylate cyclase is the enzyme responsible for the synthesis of cAMP from ATP. From sequence data, it has been proposed that there are three different classes of adenylate cyclases [PMID: 7863008, PMID: 8418825]. Class I cyclases are found in enterobacteria and related Gram-negative bacteria. They are proteins of about 850 residues that consist of two functional domains: a N-terminal catalytic domain and a C-terminal regulatory domain. There are two highly conserved regions, the first one is located in the catalytic domain and the second one in the regulatory domain. The second signature includes a conserved histidine which could be phosphorylated by a PTS system IIA enzyme, thus leading to the activation of the cyclase.

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PROSITE patterns