COMPASS complex Set1 subunit, N-SET domain (IPR024657)

Short name: COMPASS_Set1_N-SET

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The COMPASS complex (complex proteins associated with Set1p) is conserved in yeasts and in other eukaryotes up to humans. The COMPASS complex functions to methylate the fourth lysine of Histone 3 and for the silencing of genes close to the telomeres of chromosomes [PMID: 11805083].

Five domains are conserved in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Set1 and other eukaryotic Set1-related proteins: an amino-terminal RNA-recognition motif (RRM), a semi-conserved central domain, an N-SET domain, the catalytic SET domain, and the C-terminal post-SET domain. This entry represents the N-SET domain, which promotes trimethylation in conjunction with the RRM domain [PMID: 15775977] and is necessary for binding of the Spp1 component of COMPASS into the complex [PMID: 16921172].

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