Homologous Superfamily

Ribosomal protein L1-like (IPR023674)

Short name: Ribosomal_L1-like

Overlapping entries


This entry represents a structural domain common to several L1 ribosomal proteins, and related proteins. It consists of one alpha/beta subdomain interrupted by another alpha/beta subdomain.

Ribosomal protein L1 is the largest protein from the large ribosomal subunit. In Escherichia coli, L1 is known to bind to the 23S rRNA. It belongs to a family of ribosomal proteins which, on the basis of sequence similarities [PMID: 8635468, PMID: 8607874], groups:

  • Eubacterial L1
  • Algal and plant chloroplast L1
  • Cyanelle L1
  • Archaebacterial L1
  • Vertebrate L10A
  • Yeast L1-A and L1-B

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