Transcription elongation factor A-like/Brain expressed X-linked (IPR021156)

Short name: TF_A-like/BEX

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This is a family of transcription elongation factors which includes those referred to as Bex (brain-expressed X-linked) proteins as well as those named TCEAL (transcription elongation factor A protein-like). Bex proteins are expressed in a wide range of tissues and are known to play a role in neuronal development. They seem to have have distinct roles in cancers [PMID: 26408910]. Bex1 was shown to be a novel link between neurotrophin signalling, the cell cycle, and neuronal differentiation, suggesting it might function by coordinating internal cellular states with the ability of cells to respond to external signals [PMID: 16498402]. TCEAL7 has been shown negatively to regulate the NF-kappaB pathway, hence being important in ovarian cancer as it one of the genes frequently downregulated in this cancer [PMID: 19966855, PMID: 15870691]. Apart from TCEAL7, there are other five members of the TCEAL family, i.e. TCEAL1, TCEAL3, TCEAL4, TCEAL5 and TCEAL8. TCEAL1 was shown involved in the apoptosis of human cancer cells [PMID: 10051408].

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