Chromosomal replication control, initiator DnaA-like (IPR020591)

Short name: Chromosome_initiator_DnaA-like

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The bacterial DnaA protein [PMID: 8110826, PMID: 1779750, PMID: 2558436] plays an important role in initiating and regulating chromosomal replication. DnaA is an ATP- and DNA-binding protein. It binds specifically to 9 bp nucleotide repeats known as dnaA boxes which are found in the chromosome origin of replication (oriC).

DnaA contains two conserved regions: the first is located in the N-terminal half and corresponds to the ATP-binding domain, the second is located in the C-terminal half and could be involved in DNA-binding. The protein may also bind the RNA polymerase beta subunit, the dnaB and dnaZ proteins, and the groE gene products (chaperonins) [PMID: 2172087].

This entry represents the chromosomal replication control initiator DNAA, as well as the DnaA homologue Hda, which is also involved in chromosomal replication control.

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