Glycosyl-hydrolase 97, catalytic domain (IPR019563)

Short name: GH97_catalytic

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Proteins containing this domain include the aglycoside hydrolase family 97 enzyme, SusB protein, from Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron. SusB has three domains: the N-terminal, catalytic, and C-terminal domains. This entry represents the catalytic domain that consists of a complete (beta/alpha)8-barrel or TIM-barrel. The N- and C-terminal parts of the sequences, mainly consisting of beta-strands, form two additional non-catalytic domains [PMID: 18848471]. In all known glycosidases with the (beta-alpha)8-barrel fold, the amino acid residues at the active site are located on the C-termini of the beta-strands [PMID: 18848471, PMID: 18981178].

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