Cortactin-binding protein-2, N-terminal (IPR019131)

Short name: Cortactin-binding_p2_N

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This entry represents a N-terminal domain found in cortactin-binding protein 2 and in filamin A interacting protein 1 (Filip1).

In addition to being a positional candidate for autism, cortactin-binding protein 2 is expressed at highest levels in the brain in humans. Towards the C-terminal end of this protein are a series of proline-rich regions which are likely to be the points of interaction with the SH3 domain of cortactin. The human protein has six associated ankyrin repeat domains (IPR002110) towards the C terminus of the protein which act as protein-protein interaction domains [PMID: 11707066].

Filip1 controls the start of neocortical cell migration from the ventricular zone by acting through a filamin-A/F-actin axis. It may be able to induce the degradation of Filamin A [PMID: 12055638, PMID: 15794127].

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