Domain of unknown function DUF2013 (IPR018556)

Short name: DUF2013

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This domain is found at the C terminus of some proteins, including Ldb17, NCK-interacting protein and uncharacterised proteins. Ldb17 is involved in the regulation of endocytosis in yeast [PMID: 19506040]. NCK-interacting protein (also known as WASP-interacting SH3-domain protein) induces microspike formation in vivo. In vitro, stimulates N-WASP-induced ARP2/3 complex activation in the absence of CDC42. It may play an important role in the maintenance of sarcomere and/or in the assembly of myofibrils into sarcomeres. It is also implicated in regulation of actin polymerisation and cell adhesion [PMID: 11157975].

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