Active Site

Chalcone/stilbene synthase, active site (IPR018088)

Short name: Chalcone/stilbene_synthase_AS


Chalcone synthases (CHS) (EC: and stilbene synthases (STS) (formerly known as resveratrol synthases) are related plant enzymes. CHS is an important enzyme in flavanoid biosynthesis and STS is a key enzyme in stilbene-type phyloalexin biosynthesis. Both enzymes catalyse the addition of three molecules of malonyl-CoA to a starter CoA ester (a typical example is 4-coumaroyl-CoA), producing either a chalcone (with CHS) or stilbene (with STS) [PMID: 2184816].

These enzymes have a conserved cysteine residue, located in the central section of the protein sequence, which is essential for the catalytic activity of both enzymes and probably represents the binding site for the 4-coumaryl-CoA group [PMID: 2033084].

GO terms

Biological Process

GO:0009058 biosynthetic process

Molecular Function

GO:0016746 transferase activity, transferring acyl groups

Cellular Component

No terms assigned in this category.

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