Chromo domain subgroup (IPR017984)

Short name: Chromo_dom_subgr

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The CHROMO (CHRromatin Organization MOdifier) domain [PMID: 1982376, PMID: 1708124, PMID: 7667093, PMID: 7501439] is a conserved region of around 60 amino acids, originally identified in Drosophila modifiers of variegation. These are proteins that alter the structure of chromatin to the condensed morphology of heterochromatin, a cytologically visible condition where gene expression is repressed. In one of these proteins, Polycomb, the chromo domain has been shown to be important for chromatin targeting. Proteins that contain a chromo domain appear to fall into 3 classes. The first class includes proteins having an N-terminal chromo domain followed by a region termed the chromo shadow domain [PMID: 7667093], eg. Drosophila and human heterochromatin protein Su(var)205 (HP1). The second class includes proteins with a single chromo domain, eg. Drosophila protein Polycomb (Pc); mammalian modifier 3; human Mi-2 autoantigenand and several yeast and Caenorhabditis elegans hypothetical proteins. In the third class paired tandem chromo domains are found, eg. in mammalian DNA-binding/helicase proteins CHD-1 to CHD-4 and yeast protein CHD1.

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