COMM domain (IPR017920)

Short name: COMM

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COMM (copper metabolism gene MURR1) domain proteins constitute a family initially identified as interacting partners of COMMD1 (previously known as MURR1), the prototype member of this protein family. COMMD1 is a multifunctional protein that has been shown to participate in two apparently distinct activities, regulation of the transcription factor NF-kappa-B and control of copper metabolism. The family is defined by the presence of a C-terminal motif termed COMM domain, which functions as an interface for protein-protein interactions. The proteins designated as COMMD or COMM domain containing 1-10 are extensively conserved in multicellular eukaryotic organisms [PMID: 15799966, PMID: 16573520].

The leucine-rich, 70-85 amino acid long COMM domain is predicted to form a beta-sheet [PMID: 15799966].

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