DNA ligase D, 3'-phosphoesterase domain (IPR014144)

Short name: LigD_PE_domain

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This entry represents a 3'-phosphoesterase domain of a multidomain, multifunctional DNA ligase, LigD, which is involved along with bacterial Ku protein in non-homologous end joining [PMID: 16046407]- the less common of two general mechanisms of repairing double-stranded breaks in DNA sequences.

LigD is variable in architecture, as it lacks this domain in Bacillus subtilis, is permuted in Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and occasionally is encoded by tandem ORFs rather than a multifunctional protein. In a few species (Dehalococcoides ethenogenes and the archaeal genus Methanosarcina), sequences corresponding to the ligase and polymerase domains of LigD are not found, and the role of this protein is unclear.

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