Mandelate racemase/muconate lactonizing enzyme, C-terminal (IPR013342)

Short name: Mandelate_racemase_C

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Mandelate racemase EC: (MR) and muconate lactonising enzyme EC: (MLE) are two bacterial enzymes involved in aromatic acid catabolism. They catalyse mechanistically distinct reactions yet they are related at the level of their primary, quaternary (homooctamer) and tertiary structures [PMID: 2215699, PMID: 8256284]. A number of other proteins also seem to be evolutionary related to these two enzymes. These include, various plasmid-encoded chloromuconate cycloisomerases EC:, Escherichia coli protein rspA [PMID: 7545940], E. coli bifunctional DGOA protein, a number of D-galactonate dehydratases and D-mannonate dehydratases, and a hypothetical protein from Streptomyces ambofaciens [PMID: 8277241].

This entry represents the C-terminal region of these proteins.

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