RLI1 (IPR013283)

Short name: RLI1

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This entry represents the ABCE family of ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters and solely comprises of the ABCE1 gene product (also known as RNase L inhibitor, RLI1) [PMID: 7539425,PMID: 11435397,PMID: 11780123]. RLI1 contains 2 nucleotide-binding domains (NBDs) typical of the ABC transporter protein superfamily [PMID: 7539425]; however, it lacks the transmembrane domains required for membrane transport functions [PMID: 7539425,PMID: 11435397]. RLI1 was first identified as an endoribonuclease inhibitor that interacts directly with RNase L to prevent it from binding 2-5A (5'-phosphorylated 2',5'-linked oligo- adenylates) [PMID: 7539425]. RNase L plays a major role in the anti-viral and anti-proliferative activities of interferons, and its inhibition by RLI1 occurs in a concentration-dependent manner [PMID: 7539425,PMID: 9524254]. Recently, RLI1 has been shown to be essential for the assembly of immature HIV-1 capsids in insect cells and higher eukaryotic cell types [PMID: 11780123]. RLI1 expression is induced during HIV type I infection, and is understood to bind HIV-1 Gag (p55) polypeptides following their translation, and to promote their assembly into immature HIV-1 capsids [PMID: 7539425,PMID: 11780123,PMID: 9847332].

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