Xylose isomerase-like, TIM barrel domain (IPR013022)

Short name: Xyl_isomerase-like_TIM-brl

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This entry represents a structural motif with a beta/alpha TIM barrel found in several proteins families:

  • Endonuclease IV (EC:, an AP (apurinic/apyrimidinic) endonuclease that primes DNA repair synthesis by cleaving the DNA backbone 5' of AP sites [PMID: 10458614].
  • L-rhamnose isomerase (EC:, a tetramer of four TIM barrels that catalyses the isomerisation between aldoses and ketoses, such as between L-rhamnose and L-rhamnulose [PMID: 17141803].
  • Xylose isomerase (EC:, which catalyses the first reaction in the catabolism of D-xylose by converting D-xylose to D-xylulose [PMID: 16673077].
  • Mannonate dehydratase UxuA, which along with mannonate oxidoreductase converts D-fructuronate to 2-keto-3-deoxy-D-gluconate [PMID: 7007313].

These proteins share similar, but not identical, metal-binding sites. In addition, xylose isomerase and L-rhamnose isomerase each have additional alpha-helical domains involved in tetramer formation.

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