Prokaryotic N-terminal methylation site (IPR012902)

Short name: N_methyl_site


This short motif directs methylation of the conserved phenylalanine residue. It is most often found at the N terminus of pilins and other proteins involved in secretion (see IPR001082, IPR010271, IPR003413 and IPR011453).

There is a cleavage site G^FxxxE followed by a hydrophobic stretch. The new N-terminal residue produced after cleavage, usually Phe, is methylated. Separate domains of the prepilin peptidase appear to be responsible for cleavage and methylation. Proteins with this N-terminal region include type IV pilins and other components of pilus biogenesis, competence proteins, and type II secretion proteins. Typically several proteins in a single operon have this region.

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