Cas1p 10 TM acyl transferase domain (IPR012419)

Short name: Cas1_AcylTrans_dom

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Cas1p protein of Cryptococcus neoformans is required for the synthesis of O-acetylated glucuronoxylomannans, a consitutent of the capsule, and is critical for its virulence [PMID: 11703667]. The multi TM domain of the Cas1p was unified with the 10 TM Sugar Acyltransferase superfamily [PMID: 20056006]. This superfamily is comprised of members from the OatA, MdoC, OpgC, NolL and GumG families in addition to the Cas1p family [PMID: 20056006]. The Cas1p protein has a N-terminal PC-esterase domain with the opposing acyl esterase activity [PMID: 20056006].

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