Transcription initiation factor TFIID subunit 1, animal (IPR011177)

Short name: TAF1_animal

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Transcription initiation factor TFIID is a multimeric protein complex that plays a central role in mediating promoter responses to various activators and repressors. The complex includes TATA binding protein (TBP) and various TBP-associated factors (TAFS). TFIID is a RNA polymerase II-specific TATA-binding protein-associated factor (TAF) that is essential for viability.

This group represents a transcription initiation factor TFIID subunit 1 (TAF1), animal type [PMID: 845088, PMID: 7680771, PMID: 11963920].

GO terms

Biological Process

GO:0006352 DNA-templated transcription, initiation
GO:0006355 regulation of transcription, DNA-templated

Molecular Function

GO:0003677 DNA binding

Cellular Component

GO:0005669 transcription factor TFIID complex

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