Zn-dependent metallo-hydrolase, RNA specificity domain (IPR011108)

Short name: RMMBL

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The metallo-beta-lactamase fold contains five sequence motifs. The first four motifs are found in IPR001279 and are common to all metallo-beta-lactamases. This, the fifth motif [PMID: 12177301], appears to be specific to Zn-dependent metallohydrolases such as ribonuclease J 2 [PMID: 21764917] which are involved in the processing of mRNA [PMID: 17128255, PMID: 20544974]. This domain adds essential structural elements to the CASP-domain and is unique to RNA/DNA-processing nucleases, showing that they are pre-mRNA 3'-end-processing endonucleases [PMID: 17128255, PMID: 20544974, PMID: 21764917].

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