UPF0255 family (IPR010520)

Short name: UPF0255

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Family UPF0255 includes FrsA, a decarboxylase found to have the alpha/beta-hydrolase fold. FrsA converts pyruvate to acetaldehyde and carbon dioxide in a cofactor-independent manner, and shows no hydrolytic activity [PMID: 21623357]. It also includes the hydrolytic polyketide shortening protein Ayg1 from fungi [PMID: 15310761], and Fus2 from Gibberella species, which is part of the gene cluster that mediates the biosynthesis of the mycotoxin fusarin C. Fus2 catalyses closure of the 2-pyrrolidone ring of the intermediate 20-hydroxy-prefusarin to form another intermediate, 20-hydroxy-fusarin, which is then oxidized by Fus8 [PMID: 23932525]. Other members of this family are still uncharacterised.

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