RIN4, pathogenic type III effector avirulence factor Avr cleavage site (IPR008700)

Short name: TypeIII_avirulence_cleave

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This domain is conserved in small families of otherwise unrelated proteins in both mono-cots and di-cots, suggesting that it has a conserved, plant-specific function. It is found in the plant RIN4 (RPM1-interacting protein 4) where it appears to contribute to the binding of the protein to RCS (AvrRpt2 auto-cleavage site) and AvrB, the virulence factors from the infecting bacterium [PMID: 15845764]. The cleavage site for the AvrRpt2 avirulence protein would appear to be the sequence motifs VPQFGDW and LPKFGEW, both of which are highly conserved within the domain [PMID: 16478045].

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