Hook-like protein family (IPR008636)

Short name: Hook-like_fam

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This entry consists of Hook family members and related proteins, such as Girdin (CCDC88A) and Daple (CCDC88B).

The Hook family consists of several proteins from different eukaryotic organisms. The different Homo sapiens family members are Hook1, Hook2 and Hook3. Endogenous Hook3 binds to Golgi membranes [PMID: 11238449], whereas both Hook1 and Hook2 are localised to discrete but unidentified cellular structures. In mice, the Hook1 gene is predominantly expressed in the testis. Hook1 function is necessary for the correct positioning of microtubular structures within the haploid germ cell and disruption causes abnormal sperm head shape and fragile attachment of the flagellum to the sperm head [PMID: 12075009].

Girdin and Daple are eukaryotic proteins that are essential for the integrity of the actin cytoskeleton and cell migration, and negative regulation of the canonical Wnt signaling pathway, respectively.

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