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Dpy-30 motif (IPR007858)

Short name: Dpy-30_motif


This motif is about 40 residues long and is probably formed of two alpha-helices. It is found in the Dpy-30 proteins, hence the motifs name. Dpy-30 from Caenorhabditis elegans is an essential component of dosage compensation machinery and loss of dpy-30 activity results in XX-specific lethality; in XO animals, Dpy-30 is required for developmental processes other than dosage compensation [PMID: 7588066]. In yeast, the homologue of DPY-30, Saf19p, functions as part of the Set1 complex that is necessary for the methylation of histone H3 at lysine residue 4; Set1 is a key part of epigenetic developmental control [PMID: 11752412]. There is also a human homologue of Dpy-30 [PMID: 16260194]. This Dpy-30 region may be a dimerisation motif analogous that found in the cAMP-dependent protein kinase regulator, type II PKA, R subunit IPR003117.

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