TPM domain (IPR007621)

Short name: TPM_dom

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Domain relationships



TPM domain is named after its founding proteins: TLP18.3, Psb32 and MOLO-1.

In Arabidopsis, this domain is called the thylakoid acid phosphatase -TAP - domain and has a Rossmann-like fold [PMID: 21908686]. In plants, the family resides in the thylakoid lumen attached to the outer membrane of the chloroplast/plastid. It is active in the photosystem II [PMID: 17576201, PMID: 21653280].

In C. elegans, the MOLO-1 protein is an auxiliary subunit that positively modulates the gating of levamisole-sensitive acetylcholine receptors [PMID: 22922783].

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