UPF0271 family, LamB/YcsF/PxpA (IPR005501)

Short name: UPF0271_LamB_YcsF_PxpA

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This entry represents a family of largely uncharacterized proteins termed UPF0271, but also including the characterised members LamB and YcsF/PxpA.

The lam locus of Emericella nidulans (Aspergillus nidulans) consists of two divergently transcribed genes, lamA and lamB, involved in the utilization of lactams such as 2-pyrrolidinone. Both genes are under the control of the positive regulatory gene amdR and are subject to carbon and nitrogen metabolite repression [PMID: 1729609].

The B. subtilis homologue of LamB (known as YcsF) has been reported to be a previously unidentified prokaryotic 5-oxoprolinase (named PxpA), and has been suggested to function, along with PxPB and PxpC, in the disposal of 5-oxoproline [PMID: 28830929].

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