PPC domain (IPR005175)

Short name: PPC_dom

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The Plants and Prokaryotes Conserved (PPC) domain contains a hydrophobic region in the C-terminal, and in the case of plants, is often found in several proteins with the AT-hook motif. Proteins with PPC domains are found in Bacteria, Archaea and the plant kingdom [PMID: 15604740, PMID: 17295322].

The PPC domain has a single alpha-helix packed against an antiparallel beta- sheet, which is formed by five beta-strands. Three conserved histidine residues appear to form a zinc-binding site, and the domain has been observed to form homotrimers. The domain co-occurs with a thioredoxin-like domain in uncharacterized cyanobacterial proteins [PMID: 17295322].

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