Lateral organ boundaries, LOB (IPR004883)

Short name: LOB

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The lateral organ boundaries (LOB) gene is expressed at the adaxial base of initiating lateral organs and encodes a plant-specific protein of unknown function. The N-terminal one half of the LOB protein contains a conserved approximately 100-amino acid domain (the LOB domain) that is present in 42 other Arabidopsis thaliana proteins and in proteins from a variety of other plant species. Genes encoding LOB domain (LBD) proteins are expressed in a variety of temporal- and tissue-specific patterns, suggesting that they may function in diverse processes [PMID: 12068116] The LOB domain contains conserved blocks of amino acids that identify the LBD gene family. In particular, a conserved C-x(2)-C-x(6)-C-x(3)-C motif, which is defining feature of the LOB domain, is present in all LBD proteins. It is possible that this motif forms a new zinc finger [PMID: 12068116].

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