Atypical dual-specificity phosphatase Siw14-like (IPR004861)

Short name: Siw14-like

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This group of atypical dual-specificity phosphatases are predominantly from fungi, plants and bacteria. This entry includes budding yeast Siw14 (also known as Oca3) and related proteins. Siw14 is a inositol pyrophosphate phosphatase that modulates inositol pyrophosphate metabolism by dephosphorylating the IP7isoform 5PP-IP5to IP6 [PMID: 26828065]. This entry also includes budding yeast Oca1/2/4/6 and Arabidopsis DSP1/2/3/4/5. All DSPs tested (AtPFA-DSP1, -2, -3, and -5) displayed phosphatase activity toward PI(3,5)P2, with AtPFA-DSP2 showing a higher activity [PMID: 21409566]. Oca1/2/4/6 are putative phosphatases associated with the caffeine-sensitivity stress pathway in S. cerevisiae [PMID: 21409566].

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