OAR domain (IPR003654)

Short name: OAR_dom

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This 14 amino acid motif has been identified within the C-terminal region of several paired-like homeodomain (HD) containing proteins [PMID: 8944018, PMID: 9466998]. It was named OAR domain after the initials of otp, aristaless, and rax [PMID: 9096350]. Although it has been proposed that this domain could be important for transactivation and be involved in protein-protein interactions or DNA binding [PMID: 9096350, PMID: 9140395], its function is not yet known. Some proteins known to contain a OAR domain include human RIEG, defects in which are the cause of Rieger syndrome [PMID: 8944018]; human OG12X and Mus musculus (Mouse) Og12x, whose function is not yet known [PMID: 9466998]; vertebrate Rax, which plays a role in the proliferation and/or differentiation of retinal cells [PMID: 9096350]; Drosophila DRX, which appears to be important in brain development [PMID: 9482887]; and human SHOX, encoded by the short stature homeobox-containing gene.

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