ABC/ECF transporter, transmembrane component (IPR003339)

Short name: ABC/ECF_trnsptr_transmembrane

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ECF (energy-coupling factor) transporters are a subgroup of ABC (ATP-binding cassette) transporters involved in the uptake of vitamins and micronutrients in prokaryotes [PMID: 22574898]. ECF transporters are protein complexes consisting of a conserved module (two peripheral ATPases and the integral membrane protein EcfT) and a non-conserved integral membrane protein responsible for substrate specificity (S-component) [PMID: 21135102].

This entry represents the transmembrane component from a number of ECF transporters, including cobalt-specific transporter CbiQ, and nickel-specific transporter NikQ [PMID: 16352848]. It also includes uncharacterised eukaryotic proteins.

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