BRCA2 repeat (IPR002093)

Short name: BRCA2_repeat


The breast cancer type 2 susceptibility protein has a number of 39 amino acid repeats [PMID: 8673099] that are critical for binding to RAD51 (a key protein in DNA recombinational repair) and resistance to methyl methanesulphonate treatment [PMID: 9405383, PMID: 9560268, PMID: 9811893]. BRCA2 is a breast tumour suppressor with a potential function in the cellular response to DNA damage. At the cellular level, expression is regulated in a cell-cycle dependent manner and peak expression of BRCA2 mRNA is found in S phase, suggesting BRCA2 may participate in regulating cell proliferation. There are eight repeats in BRCA2 designated as BRC1 to BRC8. BRC1, BRC2, BRC3, BRC4, BRC7, and BRC8 are highly conserved and bind to Rad51, whereas BRC5 and BRC6 are less well conserved and do not bind to Rad51 [PMID: 10551859]. It has been suggested that BRCA2 plays a role in positioning Rad51 at the site of DNA repair or in removing Rad51 from DNA once repair has been completed.

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