FeS cluster biogenesis (IPR000361)

Short name: FeS_biogenesis

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The proteins in this entry are variously annotated as iron-sulphur cluster insertion protein or Fe/S biogenesis protein. They appear to be involved in Fe-S cluster biogenesis. This family includes IscA, HesB, YadR and YfhF-like proteins. The hesB gene is expressed only under nitrogen fixation conditions [PMID: 10217509]. IscA, an 11kDa member of the hesB family of proteins, binds iron and [2Fe-2S] clusters, and participates in the biosynthesis of iron-sulphur proteins. IscA is able to bind at least 2 iron ions per dimer [PMID: 15050828]. Other members of this family include various hypothetical proteins that also contain the NifU-like domain (IPR001075) suggesting that they too are able to bind iron and are involved in Fe-S cluster biogenesis. The HesB family are found in species as divergent as Homo sapiens (Human) and Haemophilus influenzae suggesting that these proteins are involved in basic cellular functions [PMID: 8875867].

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