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Examples:, alcohol%, α-glucosidase.

How to search

The search will be executed on all approved and proposed enzymes, class, subclass and sub-subclass information stored in the database. To search for a particular term, several terms or phrases just fill in the text field(s) above and adjust the drop-down list(s) according to your needs.
You can use the wildcard operator % to find words matching a pattern like 'enzyme%', although searches like '%enzyme%' should be avoided as such queries tend to be rather slow.
If you would like to search for a term containing a special character you can use one of the following options:

The default setting is to look for the exact phrase, but you can also choose to search for all or any words entered in the text field to the left:

Adding a word in the text field for exclusion will reduce the result. Entries containing one of the entered words (boolean NOT operator) will not be part of the result.

The last drop-down list lets you define to which fields you want to limit your search. Currently it is possible to search in all fields (default) or in an individual one.