EC - Procollagen glucosyltransferase

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Accepted name:
procollagen glucosyltransferase
Other names:
UDPglucose:5-(D-galactosyloxy)-L-lysine-procollagen D-glucosyltransferase
collagen glucosyltransferase
collagen hydroxylysyl glucosyltransferase
galactosylhydroxylysine glucosyltransferase
galactosylhydroxylysyl glucosyltransferase
uridine diphosphoglucose-collagen glucosyltransferase
UDP-glucose:5-(D-galactosyloxy)-L-lysine-procollagen D-glucosyltransferase
UDP-glucose:(2S,5R)-5-O-(β-D-galactosyl)-5-hydroxy-lysine-[procollagen] D-glucosyltransferase
Systematic name:
UDP-α-D-glucose + [procollagen]-(2S,5R)-5-O-(β-D-galactosyl)-5-hydroxy-L-lysine 2-α-D-glucosyltransferase (configuration-retaining)



Involved in the synthesis of carbohydrate units in complement (cf. EC procollagen galactosyltransferase).

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Gene Ontology: GO:0033823
CAS Registry Number: 9028-08-4


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[EC created 1972]