EC - Alkylcobalamin dealkylase

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DE   Alkylcobalamin dealkylase.
CA   An alkylcobalamin + [alkylcobalamin reductase] + glutathione =
CA   cob(I)alamin-[alkylcobalamin reductase] + an S-alkylglutathione.
CC   -!- This mammalian enzyme, which is cytosolic, can bind internalized
CC       alkylcobalamins and process them to cob(I)alamin using the thiolate
CC       of glutathione for nucleophilic displacement.
CC   -!- The product remains bound to the protein, and, following its
CC       oxidation to cob(II)alamin, is transferred by the enzyme, together
CC       with its interacting partner MMADHC, directly to downstream enzymes
CC       involved in adenosylcobalamin and methylcobalamin biosynthesis.
CC   -!- In addition to its dealkylase function, the enzyme also catalyze an
CC       entirely different decyanase reaction with cyanocobalamin (cf.
CC       EC
DR   Q5E9C8    , MMAC_BOVIN ;  Q5ZL21    , MMAC_CHICK ;  Q5RFU5    , MMAC_DANRE ;
DR   Q9Y4U1    , MMAC_HUMAN ;  Q9CZD0    , MMAC_MOUSE ;