EC - 1,8-cineole 2-exo-monooxygenase

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DE   1,8-cineole 2-exo-monooxygenase.
AN   CYP3A4.
CA   1,8-cineole + [reduced NADPH--hemoprotein reductase] + O(2) = 2-exo-
CA   hydroxy-1,8-cineole + [oxidized NADPH--hemoprotein reductase] + H(2)O.
CF   Heme-thiolate.
CC   -!- The mammalian enzyme, expressed in liver microsomes, performs a
CC       variety of oxidation reactions of structurally unrelated compounds,
CC       including stereoids, fatty acids, and xenobiotics.
CC   -!- Cf. EC, EC and EC
CC   -!- Formerly EC
DR   P08684    , CP3A4_HUMAN;