EC - Dibenzothiophene sulfone monooxygenase

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DE   Dibenzothiophene sulfone monooxygenase.
CA   Dibenzothiophene-5,5-dioxide + FMNH(2) + NADH + O(2) =
CA   2'-hydroxybiphenyl-2-sulfinate + H(2)O + FMN + NAD(+) + H(+).
CC   -!- This bacterial enzyme catalyzes a step in the desulfurization pathway
CC       of dibenzothiophenes.
CC   -!- The enzyme forms a two-component system with EC, which also
CC       interacts with EC
CC   -!- The flavin-N(5)-oxide that is formed by the enzyme reacts
CC       spontaneously with NADH to give oxidized flavin, releasing a water
CC       molecule.