EC - Aminodeoxyfutalosine synthase

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DE   Aminodeoxyfutalosine synthase.
AN   AFL synthase.
AN   Aminofutalosine synthase.
CA   S-adenosyl-L-methionine + 3-((1-carboxyvinyl)oxy)benzoate + H(2)O =
CA   6-amino-6-deoxyfutalosine + L-methionine + HCO(3)(-).
CC   -!- This enzyme is a member of the 'AdoMet radical' (radical SAM) family.
CC   -!- S-adenosyl-L-methionine acts as both a radical generator and as the
CC       source of the transferred adenosyl group.
CC   -!- The enzyme, found in several bacterial species, is part of the
CC       futalosine pathway for menaquinone biosynthesis.
DR   Q8CJT5    , MQNE_STRCO ;  Q5SK48    , MQNE_THET8 ;