EC - (+)-pinoresinol reductase

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DE   (+)-pinoresinol reductase.
AN   (+)-pinoresinol-(+)-lariciresinol reductase.
AN   (+)-pinoresinol/(+)-lariciresinol.
AN   Pinoresinol-lariciresinol reductases.
AN   Pinoresinol/lariciresinol reductase.
CA   (+)-lariciresinol + NADP(+) = (+)-pinoresinol + NADPH.
CC   -!- The reaction is catalyzed in vivo in the opposite direction to that
CC       shown.
CC   -!- A multifunctional enzyme that further reduces the product to the
CC       lignan (-)-secoisolariciresinol (EC
CC   -!- Isolated from the plants Forsythia intermedia, Thuja plicata (western
CC       red cedar), Linum perenne (perennial flax) and Linum corymbulosum.
CC   -!- The 4-pro-R hydrogen of NADH is transferred to the 7-pro-R position
CC       of lariciresinol.
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