EC - [butirosin acyl-carrier protein]—L-glutamate ligase

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DE   [Butirosin acyl-carrier protein]--L-glutamate ligase.
AN   [BtrI acyl-carrier protein]--L-glutamate ligase.
CA   (1) ATP + L-glutamate + [BtrI acyl-carrier protein] = ADP + phosphate +
CA   L-glutamyl-[BtrI acyl-carrier protein].
CA   (2) ATP + L-glutamate + 4-amino butanoyl-[BtrI acyl-carrier protein] =
CA   ADP + phosphate + 4-(L-gamma-glutamylamino)butanoyl-[BtrI acyl-carrier
CA   protein].
CF   Mn(2+) or Mg(2+).
CC   -!- Catalyzes two steps in the biosynthesis of the side chain of the
CC       aminoglycoside antibiotics of the butirosin family.
CC   -!- The enzyme adds one molecule of L-glutamate to a dedicated acyl-
CC       carrier protein, and following decarboxylation of the product by
CC       EC, adds a second L-glutamate molecule.
DR   Q4H4E7    , BTRJ_BACCI ;