EC - Retinoid isomerohydrolase

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DE   Retinoid isomerohydrolase.
AN   All-trans-retinyl-palmitate hydrolase.
AN   All-trans-retinylester 11-cis isomerohydrolase.
CA   An all-trans-retinyl ester + H(2)O = 11-cis-retinol + a fatty acid.
CC   -!- This enzyme, which operates in the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE),
CC       catalyzes the cleavage and isomerization of all-trans-retinyl fatty
CC       acid esters to 11-cis-retinol, a key step in the regeneration of the
CC       visual chromophore in the vertebrate visual cycle.
CC   -!- Interaction of the enzyme with the membrane is critical for its
CC       enzymatic activity.
CC   -!- Formerly EC
DR   Q6PBW5    , RP65A_DANRE;  A9C3R8    , RP65C_DANRE;  Q9YI25    , RPE65_AMBTI;
DR   Q28175    , RPE65_BOVIN;  Q9TVB8    , RPE65_CANLF;  Q9YGX2    , RPE65_CHICK;
DR   Q9XT71    , RPE65_CHLAE;  Q8AXN9    , RPE65_CYNPY;  Q16518    , RPE65_HUMAN;
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