EC - Respiratory dimethylsulfoxide reductase

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DE   Respiratory dimethylsulfoxide reductase.
AN   Dimethylsulfoxide reductase.
AN   DMSO reductase.
CA   Dimethylsulfide + menaquinone + H(2)O = dimethylsulfoxide + menaquinol.
CF   Iron-sulfur; Mo-molybdopterin.
CC   -!- The enzyme participates in bacterial electron transfer pathways in
CC       which dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) is the terminal electron acceptor.
CC   -!- It is composed of three subunits - DmsA contains a bis(guanylyl
CC       molybdopterin) cofactor and a [4Fe-4S] cluster, DmsB is an iron-
CC       sulfur protein, and DmsC is a transmembrane protein that anchors the
CC       enzyme and accepts electrons from the quinol pool.
CC   -!- The electrons are passed through DmsB to DmsA and on to DMSO.
CC   -!- The enzyme can also reduce pyridine-N-oxide and trimethylamine
CC       N-oxide to the corresponding amines with lower activity.
DR   P18775    , DMSA_ECOLI ;  P45004    , DMSA_HAEIN ;  Q9HR74    , DMSA_HALSA ;
DR   Q52675    , DSTOR_RHOCA;  Q57366    , DSTOR_RHOSH;