EC - Rhodopsin kinase

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Accepted name:
rhodopsin kinase
Other names:
opsin kinase
cone opsin kinase
G-protein-coupled receptor kinase 1
GPCR kinase 1
opsin kinase (phosphorylating)
rhodopsin kinase (phosphorylating)
Systematic name:
ATP:rhodopsin phosphotransferase



Requires G-protein for activation and therefore belongs to the family of G-protein-dependent receptor kinases (GRKs). Acts on the bleached or activated form of rhodopsin; also phosphorylates the β-adrenergic receptor, but more slowly. Does not act on casein, histones or phosphvitin. Inhibited by Zn2+ and digitonin (cf. EC, β-adrenergic-receptor kinase and EC, G-protein-coupled receptor kinase).

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Gene Ontology: GO:0050254
CAS Registry Number: 54004-64-7
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[EC created 1989 as EC (EC created 1978, incorporated 1992), transferred 2005 to EC]