EC - Phosphorylase kinase

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DE   Phosphorylase kinase.
AN   Dephosphophosphorylase kinase.
AN   Glycogen phosphorylase kinase.
AN   Phosphorylase b kinase.
AN   Phosphorylase B kinase.
AN   Phosphorylase kinase (phosphorylating).
CA   2 ATP + phosphorylase b = 2 ADP + phosphorylase a.
CF   Ca(2+).
CC   -!- Requires calmodulin for activity.
CC   -!- The enzyme phosphorylates a specific serine residue in each of the
CC       subunits of the dimeric phosphorylase b.
CC   -!- For muscle phosphorylase but not liver phosphorylase, this is
CC       accompanied by a further dimerization to form a tetrameric
CC       phosphorylase.
CC   -!- The enzyme couples muscle contraction with energy production via
CC       glycogenolysis--glycolysis by catalyzing the Ca(2+)-dependent
CC       phosphorylation and activation of glycogen phosphorylase b.
CC   -!- The gamma subunit of the tetrameric alpha-beta-gamma-delta enzyme is
CC       the catalytic subunit.
CC   -!- Formerly EC
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