EC - 2-(R)-hydroxypropyl-CoM dehydrogenase

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Accepted name:
2-(R)-hydroxypropyl-CoM dehydrogenase
Other name:
2-(2-(R)-hydroxypropylthio)ethanesulfonate dehydrogenase
Systematic name:
2-[2-(R)-hydroxypropylthio]ethanesulfonate:NAD+ oxidoreductase



The enzyme is highly specific for (R)-2-hydroxyalkyl thioethers of CoM, in contrast to EC, 2-(S)-hydroxypropyl-CoM dehydrogenase, which is highly specific for the (S)-enantiomer. This enzyme forms component III of a four-component enzyme system {comprising EC (2-hydroxypropyl-CoM lyase; component I), EC [2-oxopropyl-CoM reductase (carboxylating); component II], EC [2-(R)-hydroxypropyl-CoM dehydrogenase; component III] and EC [2-(S)-hydroxypropyl-CoM dehydrogenase; component IV]} that is involved in epoxyalkane carboxylation in Xanthobacter sp. strain Py2.

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Gene Ontology: GO:0050574


  1. Allen, J.R., Clark, D.D., Krum, J.G. and Ensign, S.A.
    A role for coenzyme M (2-mercaptoethanesulfonic acid) in a bacterial pathway of aliphatic epoxide carboxylation.
    Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 96 : 8432-8437 (1999). [PMID: 10411892]

[EC created 2001]