EC - Fucokinase

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DE   Fucokinase.
AN   ATP:6-deoxy-L-galactose 1-phosphotransferase.
AN   Fucokinase (phosphorylating).
AN   Fucose kinase.
AN   L-fucokinase.
AN   L-fucose kinase.
CA   ATP + L-fucose = ADP + beta-L-fucose 1-phosphate.
CF   Divalent cation.
CC   -!- Forms part of a salvage pathway for reutilization of L-fucose.
CC   -!- Can also phosphorylate D-arabinose, but more slowly.
DR   Q8N0W3    , FCSK_HUMAN ;  Q7TMC8    , FCSK_MOUSE ;  Q9LNJ9    , FKGP_ARATH ;