EC - Heterotrimeric G-protein GTPase

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DE   Heterotrimeric G-protein GTPase.
CA   GTP + H(2)O = GDP + phosphate.
CC   -!- This group comprises GTP-hydrolyzing systems, where GTP and GDP
CC       alternate in binding.
CC   -!- This group includes stimulatory and inhibitory G-proteins such as
CC       G(s), G(i), G(o) and G(olf), targeting adenylate cyclase and/or K(+)
CC       and Ca(2+) channels; G(q) stimulating phospholipase C; transducin
CC       activating cGMP phosphodiesterase; gustducin activating cAMP
CC       phosphodiesterase.
CC   -!- G(olf) is instrumental in odor perception, transducin in vision and
CC       gustducin in taste recognition.
CC   -!- At least 16 different alpha subunits (39-52 kDa), 5 beta subunits (36
CC       kDa) and 12 gamma subunits (6-9 kDa) are known.
CC   -!- Formerly EC