EC - α-glucan, water dikinase

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DE   Alpha-glucan, water dikinase.
AN   Alpha-glucan,water dikinase.
AN   Starch-related R1 protein.
CA   ATP + alpha-glucan + H(2)O = AMP + phospho-alpha-glucan + phosphate.
CF   Mg(2+).
CC   -!- ATP appears to be the only phosphate donor.
CC   -!- No activity could be detected using GTP, UTP, phosphoenolpyruvate or
CC       diphosphate.
CC   -!- The protein phosphorylates glucans exclusively at O-6 of glucosyl
CC       residues.
CC   -!- The protein phosphorylates itself with the beta-phosphate of ATP,
CC       which is then transferred to the glucan.
DR   Q9SAC6    , GWD1_ARATH ;  Q8LPT9    , GWD1_CITRE ;  Q9AWA5    , GWD1_SOLTU ;
DR   Q9STV0    , GWD2_ARATH ;