EC - Acetate—[acyl-carrier protein] ligase

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Accepted name:
acetate—[acyl-carrier protein] ligase
Other names:
HS-acyl-carrier protein:acetate ligase
[acyl-carrier protein]:acetate ligase
ACP-SH:acetate ligase
Systematic name:
acetate:[acyl-carrier-protein] ligase (AMP-forming)



This enzyme, from the anaerobic bacterium Malonomonas rubra, is a component of the multienzyme complex EC, biotin-dependent malonate decarboxylase. The enzyme uses the energy from hydrolysis of ATP to convert the thiol group of the acyl-carrier-protein-bound 2'-(5-phosphoribosyl)-3'-dephospho-CoA prosthetic group into its acetyl thioester [2].

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[EC created 2008, modified 2018]